Google Pixel Buds

Both Google Pixel Buds with text next to it

The Google Pixel Buds were released by
Google in November of 2017. These earbuds
can translate languages being spoken into
your ears in real time. You can also speak into
the microphone and have it translate your language
aloud to someone else. Click here!

Different styles of the earbuds

If you have a Pixel phone, you can activate Google
Assistant and translate away. Other cool things about
this product include fast charging, having Google
Assistant read things aloud, and one-touch audio control. Click here!

Both Google Pixel Buds in the case with the box

Available colors are white, blue, and black.
The Google Pixel Buds cost $159 from
The Google Store. Other places you can
buy this technology from are Walmart,
Best Buy, Ebay, and more. Click here!