Russian Media Influence

How the Trolling Affects Society

By creating ads, Russians targeted social media users and influenced
them to subconsciously changed their view on political topics. Society
is easily deceived by these advertisements and other forms of media.
After seeing these ads even just once time, one's opinion about certain
subjects can be altered.

How Are You A Possible Target?

Whenever you use the internet, you are at risk of
being influenced by media. What you might see as a
innocent form of entertainment could be brainwashing you
without you even realizing it.
Here is a political meme example:

Innocent memes can actually be influential to one's opinion even
when they don't feel changed. This means anyone can be victim
of media influencing.

How Can You Avoid Being Influenced?

1. Avoid media platforms if possible

2. Remember your personal views while engaging in media

3. Be aware of influencers and recognize them

4. Disable cookies and use a VPN to limit broswing data

5. Know that it is normal to be influenced, as you are human