Hedgehogs VS Baby Sloths

Baby Sloths from Hell

Return of the Hedgehog


For centuries, sloths and hedgehogs have been at each other's throats, wishing to be the champion warrior. Today, the battle is finally settled. Hedgehog versus sloth will headline every news article, continuing the prolonged question: "Who will win?"

Insider information on our developmental process:

A Sample Level

Meet the Characters:




Originating from the highest point of Mt. Everest, Blade is no stranger to the level of endurance required to defeat an enemy. He wants to kill his hedgehog enemy, but will he be able to in an unfamiliar place like Hell?

In his spare time, Blade likes to play badminton and online solitaire. Although these hobbies may seem peculiar, they reflect Blade's unique personality. He is even a secret vlogger to make money on the side




Coming straight from hell, Blaze knows his way around fire. He only has one goal: to defeat his hedgehog enemy, Blade, once and for all. Will his axe be able to overpower a sword?

When he's not killing his enemies, he likes to eat oreos and take long walks on the beach. Being a sloth, he takesvery long walks on the beach. He prefers pepsi over coke and isn't afraid to defend his opinion about pineapple on pizza.

Weapon Info:


Swift Sword


Encrusted with diamonds and rubies, this sword is a perfect choice for the agile hedgehog. It stands at a mere 3 inches, but it has more power than seven armies combined.


Axe from Hell


Hinted in the name, a fiery surprise happens every time this weapon is used by its sloth. Although it is not a traditional weapon, it sure does the damage for which it was made.